Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wise App provide students?

No Wise does not provide students to teachers. Wise is a tool set which lets you teach your students online.

Wise is a one-stop solution for all your online teaching. We understand online teaching is more than just live classes. We want you to have the peace of mind to focus on your craft while we take care of the rest

  1. Interactive live sessions with automatic attendance
  2. MCQ Tests
  3. Fee Collection
and much more.

How to install Wise on my Laptop?

You don't need to install Wise on your laptop. You can access wise on Laptop through our website:

Is it free to use?

Yes, the basic version is free to use for both teachers and students.

Does this app work on 2G?

Yes, Wise App is designed in such a way that it can be used even on low internet connectivity.

Do students also need to install the WISE app?

Yes, they do. After installing the WISE app, they will send you the invitation to be able to join the classroom. Only then can they access all the resources and attend live classes.

Is WISE available on iOS for iPhones?

Yes, it is available on iOS for iPhones and iPads.

Do we have to share the classroom ID every time before the class starts?

No, classroom id is used only to get student requests to enroll in the classroom. Once the enrollment is complete, you just need to press "Go Live" a notification will be sent to enrolled students who will then be able to join the live class.

Is there a demo video on how to use the app?

Yes, we have short demo videos on our YouTube channel. (

Is there a limit on the number of students I can add in my classroom?

No, there is no limit on the number of students you add in a classroom but for the live classes there is a limit of 99 students and the class duration limit is 40 mins in the free plan.

Can I record my live classes?

If you teach from a laptop you can record live classes to your device. However, if you are teaching from a mobile you will need Wise Premium to record your live classes.

What all benefits do I get with Wise Premium?

With Wise premium you can remove the 40-minute limit on live lectures, increase live class participant limit from 100 to 300 and also record your live lectures which get shared with your students automatically.

Can we extend the class duration or the limit on number of students in a live class?

Yes, class duration limit can be removed by purchasing Wise Premium.

Can students who I haven’t added can somehow attend my live lectures?

Live Classes are extremely secure and only your enrolled students can join them. We have hidden meeting link from students.

Can I add a co-teacher / faculty in my classrooms? What all permissions are given to them?

Yes, you can add a co-teacher from classroom settings. A Co-Teacher CANNOT

  • add/remove students
  • see student phone numbers
  • see Fee details
  • modify classroom name/timings and
  • delete classroom.
Everything else, i.e., take live classes, create discussions, assessments, resources, tests, etc., can be done by the Co-Teacher.

I am an owner/ administrator of an education institute. How can I manage my institute on Wise?

Yes. Over 2000 educational institutes are managing their entire online education on Wise using the unique tools we have built for owners and administrators. Please get in touch with us on +91 7831 818181 or email us at to know more.

Data and Privacy
Is my data protected?

We follow the highest standards of data protection and will not sell teacher or student data to any third-party agencies, ever.

Can students download recorded lectures?

No, students cannot download the class recordings. They can only view them as long as they are part of the classroom.

Can a teacher download their class recordings?

Yes, a teacher can download the recordings. To download go to resource library - > My folder. There will be folders of class recordings there from which they can be downloaded.

Can a student see other student’s details?

No, a student cannot see other students details such as phone number, submissions, teacher feedback, test marks, etc

Other FAQs
Is there a limit to the resources I can add to my class?

No. Currently, there is no limit. However, each file (resources, assessments or images) that you upload cannot exceed 40 mb.

How can I share a file (Video or document) greater than 40 mb with my students through WISE?

You can upload the file to your google drive and share the corresponding link in the resources tab.

If I or my student delete resources or assessments from the phone will it still be accessible?

As long as files are not deleted from the app they will remain on the cloud and you or your students can access them anytime.

Will newly added students have access to resources, assessments etc., uploaded before their joining date?

Yes, they can access all the data uploaded to the classroom since the classroom creation date. They will not be able to submit the assessments or take tests for which have an older date.

What does percentage (%) mean in attendance?

Percentage means the percentage of time a student was present in the class. For example, lets say your class duration was 40 minutes. Student 1, student 2 and student 3 attended the class for 20 minutes 32 minutes and 40 minutes respectively. Then their attendance percentages will be 50%, 80% and 100% respectively.

Will attendance data remain saved or do I need to download after every class?

Attendance data of all live classes will remain saved. You can choose to download it per your convenience.

Can teachers delete resources/ assessments/ discussions from the classroom?

Yes, a teacher has full control on editing or deleting the content in the classroom.

Can I prevent students from creating discussions in my classroom?

Yes in classroom settings you can allow or disallow students to create discussions or add comments.