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Use WISE and get the benefits of Zoom Pro for free!

No 40 minutes time limit Automatic Attendance Upto 300 live participants Secure meetings
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Use WISE and
get Zoom pro for free!


No 40 minutes time limit


Automatic attendance after every live class


No more sharing of meeting links or IDs


Secure live classes: no more unwanted attendees

Bring the best
online learning to your students

Struggling across Whatsapp, Google forms and Zoom?
Use WISE a one-stop solution for all your online teaching needs

Effortless test creation
Easy homework checking
Easy homework checking
Easy homework checking

Frequently asked

What features of Zoom Pro plans do I get for free?

You can conduct long meetings (>40 minutes) for upto 300 participants when you conduct your live classes on WISE.

Do I need to sign up on Zoom as well?

No, we will create the account for you. You just need to sign up on WISE.

What additional features do I get if I purchase a Zoom business license @1000 INR from WISE?

You, can record your live sessions to cloud. And these recordings will be available to you (for download and viewing) and students (for viewing) automatically after the live session.

If I purchase Zoom Business license from WISE, can I use it outside of WISE?

No, the Zoom Business license (WISE Premium) cannot be used outside WISE.

I am interested in Zoom business license. How do I purchase it?

You can purchase Zoom business license in WISE App itself. It is available in WISE premium section under the account tab in WISE app.

I already have my Zoom pro/business account. Can I use it on WISE?

Yes, please contact the sales team for more information.

What is peak concurrent usage based pricing?

For example, you have 100 teachers in your institute on Wise, and at any given time not more than 20 teachers go live. You will be charged for 20 teachers.

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Want Zoom Licenses in bulk?

Get peak concurrent usage based pricing!

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