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We envision a world where education unlocks every individual's potential. Our customers are the architects of this future, and our mission is to provide them with the latest and most innovative solutions. Together, we will ignite knowledge in millions, transforming lives for today and future generations.

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Wise isn’t your average LMS. Wise offers a combination of automations and delightful features so you can scale with ease.

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Smart Automation

Step into a world where no-shows are history and manual tasks are minimized. Our automation not only delivers timely alerts but also takes care of all your repetitive tasks.

Advanced Security

Serve millions of learners without piracy coming in the way

24x7 Support

Get 100% human help. We deliver solutions with easy ticketing and quick responses to every problem.


Immerse your learners in a gamification-rich environment where they can earn badges, top the live leaderboard, and get rewarded for active participation in live sessions, polls, and quizzes.

Grow Your Brand

Get fully developed Web and Mobile Apps with Modern UI. All under your brand name.

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Wise has transformed our online classes. The quizzes, polls, leaderboards, and attentiveness measurement tool have increased the learner engagement. Teaching is more interactive and effective. Highly recommended for educators looking to elevate their virtual classrooms.

Harsh Gagrani
Co-founder, Toprankers

With insights and data from Wise, our team efficiently monitors thousands of sessions daily. Interactive features have enhanced our educational offering and student engagement. Additionally, openness to custom development ensures our specific needs are met. We deeply appreciate their team’s dedication and expertise in the EdTech domain.

OK Sanafir
Co-founder, Team Interval

Wise has elevated our webinar scale significantly, with seamlessly integrated APIs that were effortlessly implemented within days. The platform's impact is twofold, reducing costs by 4X while significantly enhancing the user experience. They accommodate feature requests at an impressive pace.

Ankit Agarwal
Co-founder, Topmate

Over the years, we've witnessed many critical features added to Wise, each one enhancing our teaching and learning experience. Their unwavering commitment to innovation, user satisfaction, and timely support truly sets them apart.

Bharath Divyang
Co-founder, ZugZwang Academy

The custom solutions made by Wise for our specific needs helped us elevate our learner experience. The gamification within live sessions is an innovative and engaging solution. Wise stands out for its exceptional flexibility, technical brilliance, and customer focus.

Ashish Gupta

Wise, with its user-friendly interface, seamlessly integrates with our in-house system, ensuring flawless data updates for effortless management. Teachers find it easy and convenient to log in, share content and conduct Zoom meetings, while the app maintains recordings for future reference. It has greatly simplified our teaching experience.

Nikhil Saraf
Founder, Freedom & Stones2Milestones

Wise has everything essential for running an online coaching business, including certificate generation and test modules. We use the leaderboard feature to encourage healthy student competition. It also allows for the seamless management of teacher schedules.

Arbab Usmani
Co-Founder, UppSkill Academy

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