Powering the next wave of
Online Education

Welcome to Wise, a community where teachers and EdTechs find easy solutions for their online operations.

We sincerely believe that technology shouldn’t hold back your educational institution. Our set of tools are intuitive, easy-to-use, and built to fit the needs of various institutions. Whether you’re a unicorn or an enterprise, our suite of tools can fit your needs at scale while providing support and opportunities for growth.

We know that the EdTech future is rapidly evolving, and digital businesses are growing at a rapid pace too. Against this backdrop, Wise comes with an aim to make running online education businesses easier and simpler.

Wise is created by teachers, and perfected through tech

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Empowering the next generation of
Online Tutoring Businesses

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Democratize access to top-notch
tools for online education

Meet the Founders

Mubeen Masudi

“I wanted to focus on what I loved the most - teaching”

Mubeen Masudi

Since 2012 I have taught Chemistry and Mathematics to high school students in the beautiful valley of Kashmir.

When I started teaching online I was thrilled to be able to reach out to a large and diverse set of students. However, I found it very complicated. Most of my time was spent juggling multiple tools.

I wanted to focus on what I loved the most - teaching.

I created Wise because I needed Wise. During the COVID lockdowns, my friends who were gym instructors, yoga trainers, and even spiritual leaders started using Wise. I realized these problems are not just mine. I set out to design Wise to be comprehensive yet intuitive so that instructors could pick it up from day one. As instructors started using Wise and growing their reach so did Wise.

Wise has transformed from a simple online teaching tool to a complete digital infrastructure for online education and training, thanks to the rich feedback we receive day in and day out from our users. As we continue to improve the platform, I feel privileged that Wise has played a role in the teaching and learning journeys of millions :)

Bilal Abidi

“I believe empowering educators can bring the highest impact”

Bilal Abidi

Most of us have close family members working in the education sector. Having witnessed it first hand, I believe empowering educators can bring the highest impact in bringing access, affordability, and innovation to education and education delivery.

We have seen educators from all parts of the world expand their reach to thousands and even tens of thousands of students. Not only have existing teachers adopted technology through Wise, but an entirely new segment of digital native educators has also come alive.

The entire creator economy is essentially driven by these new-age educators. Our team has worked tirelessly to simplify the daily tasks and amplify the daily impact of an educator. This is an ever-evolving challenge and we can’t get enough of it.

Wise is backed by successful builders and creators

Backed by founders of - Product Hunt, Plaid, Teachable, Rippling, Freckle Education & many more





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