Colleges Using Zoom in 2023 and Beyond: What’s Changed?

As technology continues to advance, video conferencing tools like Zoom have become increasingly popular in the education sector. Colleges and universities are using Zoom to facilitate remote learning and collaboration among students, faculty members, and

A zoom screen showing participant talk time

How to Create A Performance Leaderboard on Zoom

Zoom meetings have taken the online meeting world by storm. Zoom has 300 million users on its platform daily! It has undoubtedly become the go-to app for businesses that include schools, places of worship, enterprise

A woman teaching another woman

3 Steps to Creating Webinars That Convert

Looking to boost your marketing strategy? Webinars are the way to go! Webinars that convert are an excellent way to showcase your brand, win over prospects, and get customers excited about your products or services.

A boy learning on a course selling platform

10 Edtech Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

From zeroing in on pain points to using augmented reality, here are 10 answers to the question, “What are some important EdTech trends to look out for in 2023?” Hyper-Focusing on Customer Pain Points Helping

17 Insider Tips for Selling Your Course in 2023

From hiring influencers to throwing out your launch templates, here are 17 answers to the question, “What are the best insider tips for selling your courses in 2023?” Work With Influencers  Use Urgency Leverage the

a child learning from mother

3 Strategies for Improving Student Engagement

Creating a classroom environment that promotes active participation and maximizes student engagement is crucial for a teacher. Student engagement refers to how invested and involved students are in their learning and how well they respond

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