a desk with laptop showing education trends

5 Tips to Create a Seamless Learning Platform

Education is becoming more accessible than ever before. This has created a lot of competition for schools and universities to attract students, but it also presents an opportunity to improve the user experience of your

a person using online proctoring tools

Turn Zoom into an Online Proctoring Tool

If you’re an invigilator or a teacher taking an exam, you know that finding the right online proctoring tool can make all the difference. You want to ensure your students are in a cheating-free environment,

person teaching another person

10 Epic Tips for Online Course Marketing

Congratulations! You’ve decided to create an online course and sell it on a course-selling platform. That’s great news! But now you need to promote your product and market it so people will buy it from

Studying before laptop

10 Experts Tips to Structure Your Online Course

We asked ten of experts for tips on “How to structure your online course?” From mixing mediums to being authentic, here’s what they think you should do. Mix Mediums  Use Short Digestible Chunks  Write Clear,

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