10 Best Online Class Tools that Makes Education Access Simple

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Online education is becoming a popular means of learning among a large number of students. Thanks to the idea of digital education. Many students choose online classes over physical tuition for one-on-one attention. However, it might appear difficult to build structured online classes. Sometimes, online classes might lack the proper infrastructure too. However, you have to make sure to use the correct online class tools that make digital teaching simple.

So, read on to find out the tools that can make your job easier.

Top 10 Online Class Tools That Make Education

Access Simple

You can take advantage of the following online class tools to set up classes –

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1. ThingLink

Thinglink is one of the most popular online education providers in the current market. Teachers can use this platform to conduct and manage classes. Moreover, they can create a free eLearning account and get some wonderful features such as 360° content editing. Teachers can get several basic features and make presentations for their students with a free account.

2. StoryBird

This is a language art tool where students can write stories and share them with others. This tool has several features, such as video tutorials, writing challenges, quizzes, and more, which can benefit students through an online class.

3. Wise App

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Wise App is a famous online teaching tool. This is one of the best tools that can structure online classes and make teaching easy. The Wise App is very much user-friendly, and students can use this tool for free without any disturbance from advertisements.

4. SelfCaD

This is an all-in-all 3D modelling online tool for students who are interested in creating animation. This online tool can provide various pricing according to the plan of any student. They can enhance their spatial awareness and creativity and can get more interactive lessons. Hence, this is one of the lists of digital tools best opted for online classes.

5. Adobe Spark Video

This is another useful tool for students. Students and educators can interact with each other and express themselves by making graphics and photos. Students can learn to make web pages, videos, and more. This is one of the best tools to develop a clear understanding of topics in an online class.

6. Blackboard

Blackboard plays an essential role as a digital tool in concept clarification in online classes. This tool provides a very good online classroom for a large number of students. In addition, teachers can encourage their students to collaborate in new innovative ways.

7. Flipgrid

This is one of the popular digital tools for simplification of concepts in online classes. Teachers can share study materials with their students through this tool which is safe and accessible. They can have simple and free video discussions.

8. Pear Deck

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Pear Deck is one of the best tools to simplify online classes. This tool provides web-based online classes for K-12 school students and teachers. Students can actively engage themselves in individual and social learning by using this tool.

9. Prodigy Game

This online tool is used by a large number of students and teachers across the globe. It provides mathematical games which are particularly designed for 1st through 8th graders. They can play during the school day and also at home.

10. SeeSaw

This online tool is one of the best interactive learning platforms for Pre-K to 5th-grade students. Even students of all ages can use this online platform and use its creative features to take pictures, draw, and record videos.

To discover the right online class tools that make learning simple, you must first determine how a virtual class should be managed from your viewpoint. Additionally, you need to decide on the subjects you will teach, the number of students and which grade they are in. These will help you to find the ideal tool to set up your online classes.

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