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How to download session recordings on Wise?

Wise Download Session Recordings

We’re changing how you download the session recordings on Wise.

Finding your recordings

User can access their session recordings by checking the “Analytics” tab on the Wise web app. In case you have enabled auto-recording (Institute settings) and you have enabled share recordings with students (Classroom settings) your sessions are recorded and stored in this space.

We encourage you to review your past recordings to see if you wish to use these recordings in your later classes. If you share the recordings with your students, we won’t be deleting them.

Downloading your recordings

We prepared a nifty little video for you to check out and learn about where the recordings are, and what will be deleted.

We’re also changing how we record sessions

We have moved all our session recordings from raw storage to the HLS Protocol


What Changes?

How does HLS work

The HLS Protocol helps us minimize the risk of piracy over the internet. With this protocol, the streaming remains secluded to our apps (on the Web, Android, and iOS)

So, you will get:

  1. Videos that will be easier to stream on mobile devices
  2. Your videos can’t be played beyond the app
  3. They won’t be downloadable (minimizing piracy risks for students)

The HLS protocol is the current gold standard for video streaming protocols over the internet. It allows YouTube, NetFlix, and other apps to minimize piracy risk and helps us serve our customers better.

Now, that your video format has changed, the raw recordings on your Wise app will be deleted if they are not being used for more than 7 days.

Data Storage Changes

Wise: Data Privacy Update

Because of the above migration, we’ve elected to change the data storage rules around our products.

For non-premium users, your access to recordings and other data will be revoked post 7 days of Wise premium expiry.

For premium users, any session recordings that remain unshared with any classroom for a period of 7 days or more will be deleted.



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