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5 Steps to Price your Online Course

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If you’re an online course creator, you’ve probably heard this: “Price your courses according to what the market will bear and deliver more value than the price tag implies.” But does this work? In our experience, online course pricing needs to be decided on the basis of the value offered as well as market conditions. … Read more

5 Creative Ways to Market Courses

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Marketing your course is easy, and it’s all about shareable content, email campaigns, and engaging with your audience. 1. Create a free online course Start with a free online course This is the most obvious way to market courses, but it’s also one of the least effective in terms of long-term success. The problem with … Read more

7 Profitable Online Course Topics 2023

Are you someone who recently learnt about the wonderful world of online courses and is interested in creating your course content in 2023?  Selling courses online has risen in popularity worldwide during the pandemic. This can be a profitable field if you know what to teach. This can also be challenging and scary to get … Read more

5 Steps to Sell Your Courses

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Positioning is the craft of standing out from the crowd. It’s what makes Google and Bing different, it’s why people buy so many Tesla products. It’s also why Apple rules the smartphone market. So, how can you position your courses ahead of the curve Choose your positioning Write proper blogs and create assets Create repeatable … Read more

Wise: Create and Sell Courses

Wise: Create and Sell courses

After spending years transforming the live class experience, we’re focusing on something bigger, the courses page. We talked about what teachers across the world wanted when it came to selling courses, and we think we have landed on something brilliant. Wise – The Course Update If you have opened the Wise platform of late, you … Read more

How to Select a Course Selling Platform

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One of the ways solopreneurs on the internet make money is through course selling. However, building a course without a tech stack is difficult and hence, the multitude of course-selling platforms are available everywhere now.  So, how do select the best course-selling platform? The Criteria For Selecting a Course Selling Platform We will focus on … Read more

How to download session recordings on Wise?

Wise Download Session Recordings

We’re changing how you download the session recordings on Wise. Finding your recordings User can access their session recordings by checking the “Analytics” tab on the Wise web app. In case you have enabled auto-recording (Institute settings) and you have enabled share recordings with students (Classroom settings) your sessions are recorded and stored in this … Read more