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10 Experts Tips to Structure Your Online Course

We asked ten of experts for tips on “How to structure your online course?” From mixing mediums to being authentic, here’s what they think you should do. Mix Mediums  Use Short Digestible Chunks  Write Clear,

3x your sales closures

3000% Increase in Sales for SaaS: Lens Case Study

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s crucial to have a sales prospecting platform that can effectively reach enterprise clients. Our company provides a SaaS platform that targets high-efficiency companies and conducts approximately 1500 demos daily.

50% uptick in engagement

How NextGenEd Increased their Engagement by 50%

NextGenEd started using Lens as a part of the very first cohort, and they scaled effectively. The idea for the founder was to create a wholesome, feedback-led course that grows by itself. We talked with

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