7 Tips to Improve Student Engagement in Your Course

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In online education, student engagement and attentiveness are crucial factors that contribute to a successful learning experience. Educators strive to create interactive and captivating virtual classrooms that improve student engagement.
One tool that can enhance engagement and attentiveness is Lens, a Zoom add-on that is a powerful ally in monitoring and maximizing student participation. In this article, we’ll explore how Lens can revolutionize your online classes by providing valuable insights and tools to boost student engagement and attentiveness.


Monitoring Talktime and Screen Engagement

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Lens serves as a watchful guardian, continuously tracking talktime and participants’ time looking at the meeting screen. These metrics act as a proxy for engagement and attentiveness, helping you gauge how actively students are participating in the class.

By gaining visibility into these key indicators, you can identify areas where students may need additional support or adjust your teaching strategies to keep them engaged.


Polls on Lens


Lens goes beyond passive monitoring by offering interactive features that take student engagement to the next level. You can utilize the built-in polling and quiz functionality as a host to stimulate student involvement and assess comprehension.

Encourage students to actively participate by responding to polls, answering quiz questions, and engaging in real-time discussions. Lens also provides an in-meeting browser, allowing you to share web content directly within the class, providing dynamic and enriching learning experiences.


Gamifying Interactions with Leaderboards

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What better way to motivate students than by tapping into their competitive spirit? Lens introduces a leaderboard feature that allows you to gamify the interactions within the meeting.

By awarding points for active participation, answering questions correctly, or providing valuable insights, you can create a sense of friendly competition that inspires students to be more engaged and attentive. The leaderboard adds an element of fun and excitement, transforming your virtual classroom into an interactive and dynamic learning environment.


Constructing a Performance Metric

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With Lens, you can access a wealth of detailed data about engagement and attentiveness. This data is a foundation for constructing a robust performance metric for your online classes.

By analyzing patterns and trends in student engagement and attentiveness, you can measure the effectiveness of your teaching methods and make data-driven decisions to improve the quality of your courses. Lens empowers you to create a feedback loop where higher engagement and attentiveness directly correlate with a higher-quality learning experience.


Lens is a game-changer in online education, offering invaluable insights and tools to enhance student engagement and attentiveness. You can create an immersive and interactive virtual classroom by leveraging its features, such as monitoring talktime and screen engagement, organizing polls and quizzes, utilizing the in-meeting browser, and gamifying interactions with leaderboards. With Lens, you can construct a more robust performance metric for your online classes, where engagement and attentiveness serve as quality indicators. So, embrace the power of Lens and unlock the full potential of your online teaching, fostering a vibrant and engaging learning environment for your students.



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