Achieving 100% Positive Feedback for EdTech Courses with Lens

Positive feedback for EdTech courses

The User

Aman Narayan hails from Mysuru, India, and runs a set of cohort-based courses for French training. His cohorts are small, extending to 10-20 students, and he offers his students multiple levels of French language learning. Here’s his story with regard to his startup, Newton, Mysuru.

As an EdTech founder, one of the biggest challenges I faced was getting real-time feedback on how students found the courses taught by my institute’s teachers. I knew we had hired great teachers but finding the exact data related to them was easier with complex and roundabout technology being implemented. 

The Solution

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With a team of 15-20 teachers, getting a comprehensive view of student engagement and satisfaction with each course was practical. To improve the quality of our courses, I needed to find a way to gather this feedback more effectively.

That’s when I came across Lens, a product that integrates with Zoom and allows participants in a meeting to give feedback to the host after every meeting. I decided to try it and was immediately impressed with the results.

One of the critical benefits of Lens is that it provides real-time feedback to teachers. After every class, students are prompted to provide feedback, as well as any comments or suggestions they may have. Teachers can view this feedback in real-time, giving them valuable insights into how their classes are being received. This allowed our teachers to adjust their teaching methods and improve the overall quality of their courses.

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Another advantage of the lens was that it helped us identify individual students needing additional support. By viewing the feedback, teachers could identify struggling students and provide them with additional support and resources to help them succeed. This helped us to identify and support at-risk students, which improved our overall retention rate.

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Another benefit of Lens is that it helped me get a more comprehensive view of student engagement across our courses. Using the platform, I could see how students engaged with each class, which teachers were doing well, and which needed improvement. This allowed me to make data-driven decisions about which teachers to provide additional training and support and which to recognize for their excellent work.

In addition, Lens also helped us measure our training programs’ effectiveness. By analyzing the feedback data before and after the training, we could see the training program’s impact on the quality of teaching and make necessary adjustments.

Statistics around engagement and student feedback

In terms of numbers, our average student engagement rate before using Lens was around 60%. However, after integrating Lens, we increased the engagement rate to 75%. We also noticed a significant improvement in student satisfaction with the courses, with an average rating of 8 out of 10.

We also noticed a decrease in the number of students who dropped our courses, from 20% before using Lens to 10% after implementing it. This helped us to retain more students and improve our overall retention rate.

The implementation of Lens helped us to gather real-time feedback from our students, which allowed us to improve the quality of our courses with time. It also helped me get a more comprehensive view of student engagement across all of our courses, allowing me to make data-driven decisions about improving our teaching methods. I highly recommend Lens to other EdTech founders or educators looking to improve student engagement and overall course quality.

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Overall, the implementation of Lens has been a game-changer for our institute. It has helped us gather real-time feedback from students, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions about improving our courses’ quality. It has also helped us to provide additional support to at-risk students and measure the effectiveness of our training programs. I highly recommend Lens to other educators and EdTech founders looking to improve student engagement and overall course quality.



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